With more online and mobile orders for pickup and delivery, restaurants will continue to embrace frictionless ordering and payment. Whether guests are ordering from the comfort of their home, or walking into a restaurant, they demand a seamless, safe and convenient experience. In today’s digital world, guests prefer to order their meals with the safety and convenience of their own devices The foodservice industry is going through a technological revolution, and for today’s restaurant operators, a digital experience is a must-have. Everything from omnichannel ordering experience to guest engagement features may completely change the dining experience.

However, in order to embrace these developments, restaurants must invest in new technology, which might be expensive. The usefulness of technological innovation in the restaurant industry has been questioned, with many owners only adopting it to pay higher commissions and promote companies they don’t control. The restaurant’s brand identity must be maintained while embracing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. Fortunately, App8’s Order Anywhere solution emerges as the perfect digital ordering solution, offering an omnichannel ordering experience for dine-in, pickup, and delivery orders.

App8 offers seamless integration with existing POS’ and restaurant operations. Restaurant owners have been investing a huge amount of money into different platforms in order to provide omnichannel services, but they face difficulties in connecting the systems. It’s critical to have a single platform that allows restaurants to operate across channels. This is where App8 comes in as a comprehensive solution. With App8, guests are able to view digital menus, order on-premise, or get takeout for off-premise dining, all from one centrally managed system. Moreover, App8 puts the restaurant brand upfront and does not charge high commissions on sales, unlike its competitors in the sector.

The restaurant industry has been hit the hardest by COVID-19. Food establishments have been facing a number of difficulties, and the ripple effects of the pandemic are still severe and challenging for restaurant owners. App8’s Order Anywhere solution addresses issues like employee shortages, cost inefficiencies, and reduced orders. Most importantly, this is achieved without sacrificing guest experience. The intuitive layout makes it simple for both the staff and the customers. App8 allows employees to focus on service while visitors enjoy the digital convenience.

App8’s seamless integration into a restaurant’s operations allows restaurants to gear up for modern dining experiences while maintaining their distinct brand identity. Furthermore, it may be customized to cater to foodservice brands with complicated digital menus, pizza menus, personalized receipts, and branded scannable beacons. By providing centralized, integrated content management for chain businesses and acting as the digital guest experience engine for some of the most well-known brands in the United States and Canada, App8 has established itself as the authority in the digital dining space.

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