Appelago Inc develops visual marketing tools for mobile engagement. The New York technology firm deploys a suite of communication tools under its Dynamic Push Interface (DPI) portfolio, tailored for quick-service restaurants and merchants to increase user engagement and conversion. Dynamic Push, a registered trademark of the company, provides an industry changing approach sending animated messages or notifications to the homepage of cellular phones. Apps can utilize DPI through Appelago’s proprietary SDK and Dashboard Management System. Visualization gives apps a new way to connect and order.

Presently, text notifications may relate to users’ needs, but most do not. It is a hit or miss tactic of advertising that is an annoyance to consumers. Appelago collects the consumer information while filling out an Opt-in Profile page. This data is collected on a user-by-user basis. 

This method eliminates all the issues of ad notifications. DPI provides: privacy, relevancy and transparency to its consumers. All of the ills of annoying, unrelated notifications are removed when the customer is in control.

Appelago offers quick service’s countless loyalty program and exclusive sale options that can generate frictionless user interactions. Opt-In engagements from customers will drive more business and provide QSR’s with invaluable data about their client base.

In addition, Appelago’s DPI technology is perfect for QR code personalization bringing speed and convenience to any transaction.

Mr. Rolih, founder of Appelago, states that “We are hyper focused on developing visual applications that bring tangible value for restaurant owners and their customers. We find that animations and videos are 9.5 times more effective than texts or GIFs.

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