The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is introducing four new feature beverages to its menu on September 9 and bringing two seasonal favorites back.

Poised to usher in the fall season, the new flavors are: Apple Tea Latte, Warm Apple Cider, Spiced Honey Apple Cider, and Caramel Apple Ice Blended.

Back by popular demand are Pumpkin flavored Ice Blended and Latte drinks.

With the introduction of these four new flavors, The Coffee Bean continues to highlight the craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each beverage. Using only the best possible ingredients including whole-leaf teas and coffees that are sourced at the origin, each beverage at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is made-to-order by a highly-trained barista. With this commitment to quality in every sip, the new beverage additions remind us of how comforting a waft of spiced apple or rich pumpkin can be.

The new flavors being introduced this fall help ignite a taste of home and share a common flavor profile of warmth and comfort. The flavor’s traits are outlined and defined below:

• Apple Tea Latte: A combination of crisp and refreshing apple notes meet creamy and buttery hints of vanilla. This caffeine-free beverage is made with apple rooibos tea, mixed with vanilla and then topped with steamed nonfat milk and a touch of foam. $4

• Warm Apple Cider: A blend of apples come together to create a caffeine-free beverage with sweet and crisp apple flavor. $4

• Spiced Honey Apple Cider: Coffee Bean’s Warm Apple Cider mixed with honey and a pinch of cinnamon. $4

• Caramel Apple Ice Blended: A harmony of crisp apple sweetness and creamy caramel with hints of cinnamon and vanilla. The beverage is topped with optional whipped cream, caramel zig zags, and cinnamon sugar sprinkles. $3.95

• Pumpkin Ice Blended & Pumpkin Latte: With a rich taste of pumpkin pie in a mug, the Pumpkin Latte is a creamy blend of spiced pumpkin, vanilla powder, espresso, and non-fat milk served hot. To cool off, there’s the Pumpkin Ice Blended, made with spiced pumpkin, vanilla powder, coffee extract, and non-fat milk. $4

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