Apprente, Inc., an artificial intelligence company transforming speech-based interaction between humans and customer service applications, will be demonstrating its intelligent enterprise solution at FSTec2018 (booth #715), being held at the Rosen Centre Hotel (9840 International Drive) in Orlando, Fla., October 1-3. Apprente helps businesses and their employees minimize customer wait times, boost service productivity and improve consumer experiences.

The company is currently focused on the quick-service restaurant space, developing systems that completely automate customer food ordering processes at drive-thru stations, kiosks and on mobile devices. “Research shows that more than half of all fast food revenue is generated by drive-thrus,” says Itamar Arel, Ph.D., CEO and founder of Apprente. “But fast food is not always fast and bottlenecks at ordering stations result in lost sales. Our conversational agents deliver humanlike interactions with technology-driven efficiencies, allowing restaurants to improve customer engagement.

With virtual agents, quick-serves can easily improve order throughput and menu order fulfillments, and shorten queue lines by leveraging multiple drive-thru stations.” Unlike conventional speech-to-text solutions that transcribe audio signals, Apprente’s patented sound-to-meaning technology leverages proprietary artificial intelligence mechanisms for learning and processing of speech signals to directly infer meaning from audio. The company’s virtual agents provide an engaging, informative, natural language understanding of complex conversations, including handling corrections and revisions to ordered items, such as, “Can you make that first drink extra-large?” Additionally, Apprente’s solution offers a more consistent and pleasurable customer service experience with its virtual agents never sounding tired, annoyed, unhappy or angry.

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