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    Arby's Expands Market Fresh Line Again

  • Industry News July 7, 2003
    Arby's has announced another addition to its Market Fresh line of sandwiches: the Five-Star Club.

    The sandwich features Arby's roast ham, natural cheddar cheese, roast turkey, big eye Swiss cheese, pepper bacon, tomatoes, and mayonnaise served on Arby's thick-sliced, oat-topped harvest white bread.

    The addition to the successful Market Fresh line continues Arby's trend toward upscaled menu items. Michael Welch, svp of ops for Arby's, noted in a release that "results from our recent research indicate that consumers have a strong preference for more variety, gourmet flavor combinations, high quality ingredients, and gourmet bread."

    The Five-Star Club will be on menus until August 31 at a suggested retail price of $4.29. Next in line is the Market Fresh Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon on honey wheat bread later this summer.

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