Industry News | August 13, 2012

Arby's Gives Fans a Chance to Rock

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Arby's Snap and Rock sweepstakes makes it easy for fans to win prizes, including free food, Pepsi gear, and music downloads by simply ordering a Pepsi beverage at Arby's and snapping a picture of the cup.

The sweepstakes even has major superstars in on the action, as three winners will receive a grand prize VIP concert experience with Taio Cruz, The All-American Rejects, or Trace Adkins.

From now through September 15, fans can snap a picture of the size of any-sized, specially marked Arby's fountain cup with their favorite artist--Taio Cruz, The All-American Rejects, or Trace Adkins--and send the picture via e-mail or test to [email protected] to enter for a chance to rock out with a VIP concert experience.

Additionally, with every picture sent, fans will instantly win other great prizes from Arby's and Pepsi.

"We know most people think their odds of winning a sweepstakes are pretty low, but with Arby's Snap and Rock, we're out to prove you just can't lose," says Bob Kraut, senior vice president of brand marketing and national advertising for Arby's Restaurant Group. "Snap and Rock combines our love for awesome concerts and the great feeling of winning to guarantee no one walks away a loser."