The Arctic Circle Restaurant brand is re-opening its Magna, Utah location.

The store has been remodeled many times over the past sixty years, but the company demolished it and replaced it with a new building.

The newly built restaurant has the capacity to seat more than 75 guests and will employ more than 40 people. The restaurant is owned and run by the corporation. Additionally, the Magna restaurant has been selected to test the new “Create Your Own Sandwich” concept for Arctic Circle, where guests can personally select their protein, along with the bun they want, along with a large selection of extras, which include avocados, fried eggs, and other options, as well as a variety of condiments.

“We are really excited about having a new restaurant in the Magna community,” says Gary Roberts, president of Arctic Circle Restaurants. “We’re looking forward to continuing our great relationship with the people and businesses in Magna.”

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