Quiznos announced that a master franchise agreement was signed to expand the brand into Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador as part of the company’s recently announced initiative for international development. Plans call for the development of 30 locations in these countries.

Quiznos awarded master franchising rights for Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador to QSR International, a quick-service holding company with more than 11 years experience in the quick-service restaurant industry. QSR International owns, licenses, and operates 99 restaurants, as well as a restaurant service and support center, supply chain store, industrial bakery, and real estate investment company, for local infrastructure and industry expertise.

“The single most important factor in the success of a new international market is an excellent local partner,” says Lee Vala, Quiznos international chief development officer. “In the past, Quiznos has generally enjoyed success in Central and South America and we are eager to try to replicate that success in these new markets. We are pleased to collaborate with QSR International and grow with master franchisees who are as passionate about the brand as we are.”

Quiznos adds Argentina, Chile, and Ecuador to its portfolio of nine countries and territories in Central and South America. Quiznos restaurants in this region have generally been among the company’s more successful locations in the world in the past.

“Quiznos enjoys the distinction of a high-quality, unique brand in a fast-casual segment that is underdeveloped in these countries. With exceptional facilities, quality ingredients, and a chef-inspired menu, Quiznos is definitely in the top echelon of the fast food set, which often translates to higher traffic, more transactions, higher volumes, and hopefully, better profitability,” says Richard Eisenberg, QSR International president. “Quiznos is a great company, providing excellent guidance and unparalleled support. We speak the same language, we understand one another, and we know what needs to be done to be successful in opening new markets.”

Over the next two years, Quiznos plans to grow the brand’s international footprint to more than 40 countries and territories, with target markets in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. With a global rise in entrepreneurialism and many of the costs of entry at or near historic lows, Quiznos international expansion is designed to meet growing interest and demand from prospective master franchisees in both developed and emerging markets.

Denise Lee Yohn: QSR's Marketing Guru, Menu Innovations, News, Sandwiches, Quiznos