Argosy Group International (AGI) finalized an agreement to acquire Donper America. The acquisition of Donper America fits with AGI’s philosophy of providing state-of-the-art equipment engineered to be efficient and cost effective for the foodservice operator.

The Donper America line has quickly become a favored choice by foodservice operators in the frozen yogurt business who want equipment that works just as efficiently for self- service by customers as it does behind the counter. Donper America was early to understand the importance of branding for foodservice operators offering self-service options, and provides customized, cutting edge graphic treatments for their equipment. In fact, many of the company’s customers credit Donper America with helping them refine and communicate their branding.

"We entered the soft serve market because the resurgence of frozen yogurt has energized the category. We believed there was a need for customer-focused innovation," says Dan Doromal, VP of marketing at Donper America. "If you merge an exponentially growing company in the soft serve space (Donper America) with industry expertise in engineering and operations (AGI), innovation is a given. The result is a win- win for both companies, as well as the foodservice industry."

The executive team at AGI includes industry professionals with unequaled experience in engineering, product development, sales and marketing. AGI’s strategic thinking and expertise brings a whole new level of quality and technology to the soft serve industry. The corporate culture fosters collaboration and focuses on innovation in product performance and relevant customer benefits.

Moving forward, AGI plans to uphold its commitment to their customers and is dedicated to continuous improvement in product development and customer driven innovation. AGI will continue to service current Donper America customers and will continue to sell the Donper America brand. As AGI expands, a commitment to provide foodservice equipment that sets the standard for innovation and quality will carry through in all aspects for design, service, and manufacturing.