Yoshinoya America, Inc. announces the launch of Asiana Grill Yoshinoya, where customers experience a blast of exotic Asian flavors put together the way they like it. The new restaurant concept of fast-casual dining centers on the customer, who combines a rich selection of menu styles, sauces, proteins, and sides to create the perfect blend of Asian flavors.

The Asiana Grill Yoshinoya create-your-own menu concept is a departure from the meal-in-a-bowl service for which Yoshinoya is famous. The exhibition-style open kitchen allows customers to watch Asian dishes cooked fast and fresh before their eyes.  

Depending on the protein choice selected by the customer, dishes are prepared either teppanyaki style or yakitori style. Customers can also choose their meal to be served on a plate, as a soup, a salad, or on a bun.  

The rich, distinct flavor of each dish, which customers will savor in every bite, comes from the Asian sauces Yoshinoya has created exclusively for Asiana Grill Yoshinoya.  

A Yoshinoya customer favorite, the signature Beef Bowl, will be also be joining the Asiana Grill, Yoshinoya menu. Cooked fresh on the grill, Asiana Grill Yoshinoya’s dishes are nutritious, healthy, and low in fat.

Yoshinoya America, Inc., a leading quick-service restaurant chain with franchises in California and Nevada, has assembled, for this launch, a brilliant team led by executive vice president, Manuel Villarreal.  

“We are excited to take this bold step, and move forward to expand the Yoshinoya brand and reach new markets,” says Villarreal.

The launch of the first of many planned locations, located at 450 North State College Blvd., Fullerton, California, is scheduled for May 2012. By 2013, Yoshinoya expects to make the new concept available for franchising.

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