Atkins Nutritionals Inc. launched a new site called The Atkins Community that allows consumers to come together with peers and professionals to get advice, share stories, and access content to learn about the company’s powerful lifetime approach to weight loss and weight management.

The completely updated, interactive, free community site breaks new ground by encouraging more interaction between Atkins program followers while offering an open dialogue with nutrition experts. Site visitors can also share their opinions with each other on a variety of nutrition bars and shakes designed around the nutrition principles of the Atkins Diet.

“Millions of Americans embrace the Atkins Nutritional Approach for the science that makes it a powerful way to lose weight,” says Colette Heimowitz M.Sc, vice president of education and nutrition at Atkins. “Now we can offer our loyal followers another advantage: a powerful, community-focused approach to weight loss and weight management where you can interact with others who are going through the same process, as well as learn from nutritionists and other professionals.”

The Atkins Community is designed for both men and women who want to achieve their weight management goals and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Visitors to the Atkins Community homepage can immediately access user profiles with avatars, polls, and member directories. The Community also offers three high-impact sections to empower visitors to eat right, lose weight, and keep the weight off for a lifetime of healthy living:

Ask&Answer: Pose questions to other dieters or to a licensed nutritionist to get answers about the Atkins healthy lifestyle program; share stories, insights and tips with community members in online forums; read science-based articles and research to find out more about healthy lifestyle choices.

Rate&Review: Browse, rate and review dozens of Atkins nutritional products; learn more about products that can help you reach your weight loss goals.

Read&Learn: Sign up for an online course to learn more about the Atkins Nutritional Approach; read and interact with the “Nutritionist Blog.”