Atlanta Bread Company is helping guests
looking for healthier fare, or those just trying to stay on their New Year’s
diets, with the introduction of its new Whole Grain Bread and Whole Grain

The bread, available by both sandwich and loaf, is baked fresh each
day, contains no added sugars or trans fats and is high in dietary fiber.

To introduce the new bread, the Bakery Cafe offers a Whole Grain Turkey
Select sandwich, featuring thinly sliced turkey topped with tangy, cranberry
honey mustard and served on the new Whole Grain Bread. The sandwich is also
available as part of the Whole Grain Turkey Meal, served with Baked Lays(R)
chips and bottled water. The sandwich and meal are available for a limited
time. The new trans fat-free Whole Grain Bread is also available for any of
the other sandwiches on the Bakery Cafe menu.

The USDA guidelines recommend consuming three or more “ounce-equivalents”
of whole grain products each day(1). One slice of the new Atlanta Bread
Company(R) Whole Grain Bread equals one full serving of whole grain (16.8

“Atlanta Bread Company knows many of its guests are looking for ways to
stay healthy – particularly this time of year and heading into summer,” said
Basil Couvaras, vice president and chief operating officer of Atlanta Bread
Company. “Our new Whole Grain Bread and Bagel are another addition to our
menu to help them achieve their nutrition goals.”

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