The Dairies Coffeehouse & Cold Brew Bar is now open in Atlanta’s Reynoldstown neighborhood with its novel, 14-tap cold brew bar at the helm. Serving innovative beverage combinations including sparkling teas, nitro cold brew coffee, and lattes, the farmer-focused brand is the first to elevate the cold brew bar experience with sweeping variety and scale.

In addition to the coffee bar’s 14-tap system, the Dairies Coffeehouse offers artisan dishes made with fresh, clean ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. According to founder Michael Jones, the unique approach to dining and hospitality comes from the desire to fill a gap in the industry.

“We’ve long had a vision to redefine the traditional coffeehouse by combining our mission for social impact with a truly remarkable food and beverage experience,” Jones says. “Our team of chefs listened to consumers and used those learnings to build an expansive menu that caters to guests who enjoy coffee, tea and everything in between. Most expect to only find pastries at a coffee shop, but we made it a priority to develop food that is holistic, healthy and satisfying.”

The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus build from a farmer-focused foundation with epicurean choices that reflect the brand’s mission to empower producers globally. In addition to handcrafting all items in house, the Dairies Coffeehouse accommodates dietary allergies, restrictions and preferences with vegan, gluten free, nut free, and dairy free offerings available. From matcha smoothie bowls and oolong tea smoked salmon with créme fraîche, to curry kale bowls with tri-color quinoa and Korean pork sliders, the robust menu provides extensive options for fresh, clean food choices alongside the brand’s signature drinks.

The Dairies Coffeehouse & Cold Brew Bar also serves a host of non-traditional beverages with flavors like vanilla cardamom and garam masala, as well as staples like espressos, cappuccinos, lattes, specialty cold brews, single-origin micro-lots on pour over, and premium loose-leaf teas. Handcrafted mocktails, milkshakes, and calorie-conscious frappes with flavors like earl grey, chai, and mocha are also available.

“Our goal is to offer an elevated coffeehouse experience through our one-of-a-kind cold brew bar, thoughtful menu and commitment to care for those we serve, including the farmer partners who source what’s in each cup,” Jones says. “I hope to inspire our neighbors to create positive change in the world while receiving a new level of satisfaction in how they spend their time and money, providing a quality coffeehouse at the center of it all.”

The cold brew bar is an extension of the mission Jones set out to accomplish in 2011 when he co-founded Thrive Farmers International. The brand works directly with coffee and tea producers to ensure that everyone, from the farmer to the customer, can thrive. Its innovative revenue-sharing model brings farmers to market as partners with higher, more predictable and stable pricing. Jones plans to open additional cold brew bar locations over the coming year.

The Dairies Coffeehouse & Cold Brew Bar is located at 777 Memorial Drive Southeast in Atlanta, Georgia.

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