Boston-based ABP Corporation—which operates the Au Bon Pain restaurant chain—announced its new cage-free egg policy for its Massachusetts locations. Beginning this week, its restaurants throughout the state will only use shell (whole) eggs from hens not confined in cages.

The Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS) worked with ABP to help the company improve animal welfare in its supply chain. The HSUS applauded the company for adopting a forward-looking policy, which steers away from using eggs from hens confined in battery cages.

“By switching to cage-free eggs in its Massachusetts locations, Au Bon Pain has taken an important step away from cruel battery cages,” says Josh Balk, outreach director of the HSUS’ factory farming campaign. “It’s hard to imagine a more miserable existence for a bird than being crammed in a cage so small, she can’t even spread her wings.”

Many national restaurant chains—including Burger King, Red Robin, Wendy’s, Quiznos, Denny’s, Hardee’s, and Carl’s Jr.—have also started using cage-free eggs.

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