Au Bon Pain today unveiled a revolutionary new product line called “Portions.” The brainchild of Au Bon Pain’s award-winning executive chef, Thomas John, Portions features a selection of 14 delicious dishes made fresh daily, packaged individually and with 200 calories or less per dish. The Portions line focuses on vegetables and proteins as the main ingredients, retailing for $2.99 (without meat) or $3.49 (with meat).

This new meal concept addresses consumers’ desire for smaller, lower calorie meals, and provides a unique approach to the tapas/small plates dining trend. Guests can mix-and-match the Portions dishes to create unique combinations and a customized dining experience. Portions can satisfy any snack attack, or can be paired with soup, salad or a piece of fresh bread for a light lunch or combined with other Portions dishes to create a well-balanced meal.

“The concept of small plates is very appealing to the consumer because it gives them an opportunity to customize their meal experience, to combine multiple tastes and flavors in one sitting and to introduce variety into their meal,” said John.

“At Au Bon Pain, we’re continuously coming up with ways to provide consumers with great tasting, naturally good for you menu options,” said Au Bon Pain President/CEO Sue Morelli. “Portions gives our guests more control over the amount of food they are consuming, which is a huge concern in today’s world of supersized fast-food meals.”

Complete nutrition information for each Portions dish, as well as the entire Au Bon Pain menu, can be found online at or on the Nutrition Kiosks in Au Bon Pain cafes. Guests seeking further assistance planning a nutritious meal can use Au Bon Pain’s online “Smart Menu” application, where they can view the nutrition information for a specific combination of food choices, and search for combinations that best meet their individual dietary needs.

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