Industry News | July 9, 2012

Auntie Anne’s Recognizes Hobart as Outstanding Supplier

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Pretzel franchisor Auntie Anne’s Inc. recently recognized Hobart as Outstanding Supplier of the Year for its demonstration of superior customer service and product quality. Hobart supplies the HL200 20-quart Legacy Mixer for all of Auntie Anne’s retail locations worldwide. 

With more than 1,200 locations in 46 states and more than 23 countries, Auntie Anne’s rolls more than 97.5 million pretzels a year. 

“We are very pleased to recognize Hobart as an Outstanding Supplier of the Year for 2011,” says Dale Smucker, vice president of purchasing and distribution at Auntie Anne’s. “The mixer plays a critical role in our pretzel-making process, and it’s important to have equipment and support that you can count on 24/7, 365 days a year. The Hobart team’s dedication to superior customer service and product quality since 1993 is unsurpassed.”

Hobart’s Legacy Mixer product line features several major ergonomic advancements that help improve an operation’s overall productivity and labor efficiency. For example, a swing-out bowl facilitates the ease of adding ingredients and removal of product, and a single-point bowl installation makes it easier to install and remove the bowl.

“The 20-quart Hobart mixer, which is what Auntie Anne’s uses at all of its locations, provides the perfect balance of performance, ease of use, and durability that a demanding dough application requires,” says Doug Lins, national account manager for Hobart. “We’re proud to receive recognition from Auntie Anne’s as a supplier that works to add value at every opportunity.”

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