Auntie Anne’s will roll out “the first known carb-conscious, fresh-baked, hand-rolled soft pretzel product” nationwide beginning July 11.

Known as Smart Bites, the pretzels contain one net carb per bite, with a serving size of approximately 15 pieces. According to Auntie Anne’s, Smart Bites have 55 percent less carbs, more protein, more fiber, and no added sugar as compared to other Auntie Anne’s pretzel offerings.

According to Auntie Anne herself (otherwise known as Anne Beiler, founder and chief exec), “Whether it’s watching carbs, fat or fiber, we want people to know we have something for them. But options are nothing if they don’t taste great. I believe we found that combination in Smart Bites.”

Smart Bites pricing will vary from store to store and are available with or without added pretzel salt.

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