Oporto. It’s Australian for burger, and it’s definitely not beef. Direct from the world famous Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia, comes Oporto, a fast-casual restaurant concept with a focus on fresh-grilled, flavorful chicken burgers.

On February 25, Oporto will open its first U.S. location at 8220 Haven Ave, at the corner of Foothill and Haven in Rancho Cucamonga, California. The restaurant is the first of three locations planned by Cluck Limited, lead by CEO Arnold Dominguez, a former Del Taco executive. Two more locations, in the cities of Ontario and Glendora, are planned for later this year.

The successful Australian brand sports a beach theme with a nod to the famous Bondi Beach, home of the first Oporto restaurant. Oporto’s menu offers Australian-style food with a Portuguese influence, serving chicken, burgers, grilled chicken, “rappas” (wraps), salads, and sides including “chips” (fries).

Oporto is known for its signature, proprietary sauces including Lemon & Herb, Feisty BBQ, Prego, or Chilli sauce that is a flavorful and spicy Aussie style piri-piri sauce.

The house specialty is the "Bondi Burger" that features two fresh-grilled chicken breast fillets, lettuce, cheese, and mayo served with Oporto’s signature Hot Chilli sauce. Oporto also serves "Brekkie," which is Australian for breakfast, including egg and chicken or Aussie-style bacon burgers served with barbecue sauce. Australian bacon is made from the pork shoulder and has a distinctive, leaner taste.

“Oporto is an incredible new taste that Americans are going to love. The focus on high-quality chicken breast fillets, as burgers, is unlike anything available in the U.S.,” says Arnold Dominguez, CEO of Cluck Limited, Oporto’s franchisor in the U.S. and a 30-year veteran of the restaurant business. “In all of my years of restaurant experience, I’ve never tasted anything like a Bondi Burger or the signature Oporto sauces. I’m thrilled to bring this great taste to the U.S.”

The exterior and interior is distinctly Oporto branded with a laid-back beach attitude and recognizable by the welcoming sun logo and the warm colors in shades of tan and red with handcrafted wood accents. The restaurant offers a comfortable dining room with booths, tables, and a large half-round booth for big parties. While this location does not feature a drive thru, future locations will. The Rancho Cucamonga restaurant will be open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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