Challenges bring along with them a whole new set of exciting opportunities. We all witnessed how people across the globe stood up together to fight the pandemic, and in due process, adapted themselves to the “new normal.”

Organizations, big and small, had to re-think and re-strategize the way they could continue to do business with all safety protocols in place, but everything comes at a cost. In fact, the bigger concern is when you are simply clueless about the hidden costs that you might incur to keep things running, such as having to quarantine an entire operation due to unknown time and place of covid exposure to your workforce and/or customers.

Autonix visitor management solution offers a complete solution, with unmatched versatility, seamless integration, and industry-leading value tailored to these new special requirements. For organizations that have resumed working from the office, the safety of their employees, facilities, and visitors rests atop a robust and cost-effective visitor management system.

Not just this, there’s more to Autonix than just visitor management and tracking systems. It helps you build a strong perception of your brand by presenting a professional image, creating a good first impression on new visitors, and providing data-driven insights to help retain old ones and improve “people-flow” throughout your entire physical footprint.

Speaking about how Autonix is the go-to platform for businesses looking to foster a safe and hybrid work environment, Founder Scott Teger said, “The visitor management industry has been given broader scope with health/safety due to the coronavirus pandemic. Concerns like contact tracing and vaccine mandates were fringe ideas in the past. Now they are front and center for a majority of businesses interested in our software. And the consumption of QR Codes in everyday life went from “obscure tech” to something everyone does almost daily. The collateral benefit brings contactless check-in solutions more mainstream and opens up a variety of people-focused opportunities in management and marketing. Our existing software provides for a robust offering at a great value (with most features available in our free plan), likewise, our roadmap includes some exciting features empowering data aggregation and analysis across a variety of checkpoints for visitors, employees, and vendors.”

Despite being very easy to set up, Autonix provides for a wide variety of use-cases. In addition to the standard use-case of businesses looking to check-in employees, visitors, and vendors, Autonix continues to find itself as a creative new solution for more and more businesses. Any business looking for actionable insight into the coming and going of people will benefit from such a system: from large warehouses to restaurants, conferences, real estate brokerages, and even large-scale mining operations, there is a use-case for almost any business! Beyond contactless check-in for the purpose of contact tracing, the right visitor management system can be used to build customer loyalty and identify opportunities for growth. No matter what type of business you are in, Autonix makes for an invaluable resource to help you make confident, data-driven decisions.

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