Avanti Commerce, the company behind Subway Restaurant’s impressive, global entry into mobile ordering have announced the launch of their software as a cloud-based platform, making mobile ordering and payment possible for any restaurant chain.

Consumer demand for mobile ordering and payment continues to soar. Major brands such as Starbucks, Subway and Panera Bread have firmly established market leadership, leaving smaller chains scrambling to keep up. Avanti’s newly launched platform will directly address this emerging need, allowing restaurants of any size to establish a mobile ordering offering.

No stranger to the space, the leadership behind Avanti was involved in initial trials of mobile commerce for Starbucks, Panera Bread and McDonald’s. With Subway® Restaurants, Avanti built and launched a sophisticated, global mobile ordering platform, in a franchised environment, with multiple payment and POS systems. A build out of this scale and complexity has shaped Avanti into one of the most experienced in the mobile ordering and payments space. In late 2016, Subway acquired a custom version of the Avanti platform, providing the opportunity for Avanti to re-emerge and continue to address the market needs.

Avanti has now tailored their platform, taken the most powerful parts of it and adapted it for use among restaurants of any size, from large international chains to small local coffee shops.

The Avanti platform offers the following unique features:

  • The fast, secure platform can be up and running in a matter of weeks, including customized brand, menu and design incorporation, without having to invest in creating the technology and infrastructure from scratch.
  • The platform is not limited by size, traffic or location and can work for any brand at any scale.
  • It can be extended seamlessly to multiple currencies and multiple languages.
  • It is delivered at a price point for everyone, starting at a basic plan and allowing brands to add the features they need.
  • The platform can be used across multiple channels (“omni-channel”), increasing the customer’s experience.

“We’ve been working in the mobile space since 1999, when we were involved in the first North American mobile commerce trials for some of the biggest brands,” says Jason Strashek, Avanti founder and CEO. “Mobile ordering is no longer just a shiny ‘nice to have’ capability for businesses—it’s becoming a necessity for the fast-moving modern consumer and a powerful way to drive engagement and sales.”

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