Industry News | January 27, 2009

A&W Canada Will Focus on Franchise Sales in 2009

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A&W Food Services of Canada announced today that the company opened 20 new restaurants in 2008. This compares with 16 opened the previous year and brings the number of operating A&W's in Canada to 695.

For the past several years, Ontario has been a key focus for A&W, which is 100 percent Canadian-owned. The nine restaurants opened in Ontario last year bring the company's total presence in the market to 140 restaurants.

"We have just completed a major new strategy focused on franchise sales, which we will begin to implement in 2009," says Graham Cooke, A&W's vice president of New Restaurant Expansion. "For the first time in our 52-year history, we will begin to offer multi-site area development opportunities in Ontario, Quebec, and certain areas in Atlantic Canada."


They have just finished a significant new technique targeted on series sales which is nice

With that said, those looking to buy a Big restaurant franchise wont have to invest $1 thousand to get up and operating. Based on the market.

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