Industry News | June 16, 2008

A&W Restaurants Offers Free Root Beer Floats

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A&W Restaurants is treating Americans to a free root beer float on Monday, June 16. No purchase is necessary.

"We want to give people a great start to their summer and a little economic relief by treating America to one of their favorite sweets, the A&W Root Beer Float," says Ben Butler, president, A&W Restaurants. The free A&W Root Beer Float will be available at the national restaurant's nearly 700 stores.

A&W has expanded its sweets and treats menu and offers a number of one of a kind desserts including the New Oreo Fudge Polar Swirl, available for a limited time, which blends Oreo® cookie pieces, hot fudge, and vanilla soft serve into a creamy summertime treat. Another addition is the Root Beer Freeze, made mostly of soft serve with A&W Root Beer blended in. New shakes are made with soft serve and in favorite flavors of vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate, sundaes and soft serve cones.