Syrus Restaurant Information Services, a provider of back-office and above-store technology for the restaurant industry, was honored this month by TechColumbus as the recipient of the Outstanding Technology Service Award. 

“These awards showcase the incredible contributions being made by companies both large and small that impact the community and the world at large,” says Alicia Oddi of TechColumbus. 

Syrus was chosen from among 25 finalists and hundreds of entrants for the award. The award is presented each year to a company in Central Ohio and surrounding communities that has defined, introduced, and marketed an innovative technology-based service. The winning company must show proven success in addressing an industry need through a combination of technology and innovative services.

At the core of its award-winning offering is the Syrus Service Bureau, a combination of daily consulting, data analysis, and technology services and training for the restaurant manager and executive. In supporting its back-office and above-store reporting system, the Syrus Account Management team provides services that eliminate the often times cumbersome and confusing technical tasks for restaurant managers and executives. 

In addition, Syrus Account Managers provide best practices consulting and report analysis services to ensure maximum return on investment, and data oversight and management to ensure clean, complete, and accurate information is available for all users. This service-bureau business model drives up profitability at the store level and allows executives to maintain control at the corporate level. Syrus customers report operational savings of 1–4 percent or more of gross sales.

“This award is a reflection of the company’s philosophy that a successful implementation of technology is about much more than just the technology,” says Jim Karam, Syrus president. “When a service to a mature industry like the restaurant industry is recognized as being innovative, it shows there are no bounds to innovation. I’m extremely grateful to our talented staff for their hard work and dedication, and our outstanding customers who are all visionaries and leaders in their industry.”