New York-based Bagel Boss is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day this month by offering freshly baked green bagels, cream cheese and green & white cookies online at 

From now thru the end of March bagel lovers across the United State can enjoy ‘green’ bagels, a schmear, cookies & much more from New York in honor of St. Patrick’s Day with Free Nationwide delivery to their door. 

“We love being creative at Bagel Boss and it was a no-brainer for us to create our St Patrick’s Day Green Bagel Packages, which include plain ‘green’ bagels, homemade cream cheese and delicious freshly baked ‘green & white’ cookies,” says Andrew Hazen, CEO of Bagel Boss. “More than 2,000,0000 to 10,000,000 bagels are sold every day in the U.S. alone; our mission is simple and that’s to deliver genuine New York bagels to bagel lovers across the globe!” 

“If bagels aren’t from New York than they aren’t real bagels,” adds Hazen and to prove that, Bagel Boss has already shipped millions of fresh New York bagels across the country. 

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