Know a special someone who may be missing New York bagels? This Hanukkah surprise them with an authentic New York bagel breakfast from Bagel Boss.

Bagel Boss’ limited-time Hanukkah bagel collection features hand-rolled blue & white Hanukkah bagels, made by 5th & 6th generation bagel bakers. And because every bagel needs a schmear, the brand will also send homemade cream cheese.

Packages includes blue and white Hanukkah cookies, a colorful twist on the mouthwatering New York black and white cookie classic.

No matter where you or your loved ones are this Hanukkah, you can send a taste of New York with Free Nationwide Shipping!. As with all items, everything in this Hanukkah bagel collection is made in-house by 5th & 6th generation bakers following traditional recipes that have been passed down through the generations which originated in Bialystok, Poland.

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