New York’s Bagel Boss announced its new store prototype featuring modern design elements with classic features. 

“The blending of old and new materials & design will give our Bagel Boss Cafes a modern, current experience,“ states 5th generation bagel & bialy baker Adam Rosner, president. “We are excited to embark on this new era for Bagel Boss, and are currently looking for operators in the Tri-State area and Florida to build our first new location featuring this new design.“ 

“At Bagel Boss, we always strive to create a memorable experience for our guests,“ says Andrew Hazen, CEO. “As customers line up to order, they will pass glassed-in display cases showcasing signature salads and gourmet spreads. We intend for them to see the pride and care with which their food is prepared,.”

The new store design prototype is flexible and adaptable for locations both large and small, including both nontraditional and traditional locations, and is available for franchising immediately.   

“This innovative design gives Bagel Boss a revamped look, one that exemplifies the brand’s bright future and being America’s bagel cafe,“ says Hazen. “The design radiates simple and modern style elements that will provide customers with a relaxed, inviting eating environment. Since the 1970s we’ve been a part of New York’s culture. Our photography and elements in-store showcase all of the moments we’ve been a part with our customers.“  

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