Coming off record sales in 2020, Bahama Buck’s shops have continued to soar in the first quarter of 2021. Same-shop sales grew 31.84 percent for the first quarter of 2021 over 2020. In addition to the sales increases, five new franchise owners were added to the brand in the first quarter of 2021. Shop sales grew to record highs for the 107-unit chain in 2020. Bahama Buck’s shops AUV increased 21.29 percent for 2020 growing to $485,000 for the frozen dessert chain. Increases in sales were seen in successful LTO product launches as well as digital sales increases.

“The successful partnership with, online ordering platform, OLO at the end of 2020 has continued momentum with online and third-party sales into 2021. We anticipate online sales to double by the end of the year as our guests continue to enjoy the ability to order products on multiple platforms,” says CFO Eric Lee.

Successful product launches and licensing agreements have also continued to grow. Bahama Buck’s entered into a licensing agreement with Universal Pictures for the in-home launch of The Croods: A New Age movie. “We’re extremely excited about adding Universal Pictures to a list of growing partnerships to the Bahama Buck’s brand and look forward to continuing to foster these relationships in the future,” says Lee.

Product innovations also have continued to drive sales in 2021. “Coming off of a really successful 2020 product campaign with the Bomb Pop LTO and the Gummy Bear Sno promo, we weren’t sure how we were going to top that in 2021,” Lee says. “But, so far our first promo, Lemonberry Warheads along with our Sour Spray topping, has been extremely successful. We have two new smoothies and another additional Sno promo scheduled for this summer that we feel could be our most successful LTOs we’ve ever launched.”

Bahama Buck’s has been truly blessed to make it through a very challenging 2020. 2021 is forecasting record sales to continue as the franchise family has great owners and Avalanche crew members who are continuing to deliver great experiences in 2021.

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