Industry News | September 16, 2009

Baja Fresh CEO's New Company Acquires First Brand

Growth Concepts, an Orange County, California–based company led by David Kim, CEO of Baja Fresh and La Salsa, and a group of investors, formed a new restaurant-incubator company with the purpose of finding new restaurant companies and developing into strategic brands. The first acquisition of the company is Atlanta-based Canyons Burger Company.

Canyons Burger Company, founded by restaurant professionals Sonny Crumpton and Nick Binnings—who will maintain their positions of president and COO, respectively—is a fast-casual burger concept that focuses on quality ingredients wrapped around an active outdoor lifestyle. Canyons uses 100 percent Black Angus Beef on its line of specialty burgers. They also offer several vegetarian options and have a select hand-battered chicken tender that is cooked to order.

Canyons is also very active in supporting the local community and spends time helping local school athletics.

“We have been pleased with our 13-percent year-over-year sales growth, and we are excited at what new opportunities this acquisition will bring,” Binnings says.


I have a question for Mr. Kim. I saw him on Undercover Boss and he was great. I take my 3 grandkids to Baj Fresh as they live with me. They get the kids meal and they love it. But it isn't enough food to fill them up.. I would like choices that include 2 burritos or two tacos to fill them up. I asked at the BF that I go to in Santa Clara, CA and they said that is all they offer for kids. She said that I would have to order the adult sizes. They are 11, 9 and 6. On a budget that would cost too much and we would waste some of it I'm sure. I would like to hear any suggestions that you might have.Keep up the good standards.joanne

Why did the Pocatello and Rexburg Idaho stores close? My wife and I were sadden to see them close and miss them much. We Pray for there return as there is nothing like them here. God Bless and much success.

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