Baja Fresh today announced the unveiling of its revamped menu with the addition of a section called Lifestyle Choices, designed to provide low fat, high protein options with nutritional information available on the menu and the concept menu boards. Customers can see at a glance the protein, fat, calorie and fiber content of the items offered on the new menu.

The high protein fare includes the new Steak Picado and Chicken Picado, as well as Side by Side Chicken and a Salad and the popular Baja Ensalada. Lighter, low fat items include two Bare Burritos, Enchiladas Verano, and Baja Style Chicken and Shrimp Tacos. Additionally, in the western states, Baja Fresh will continue to offer fresh Mahi Mahi in ensaladas and tacos.

Though high protein and low fat options have been available at Baja Fresh, the company says the new menu makes it easier for customers by grouping items according to popular diet regimens and by newly organized menu boards.

“People are bringing us their specific lifestyle and dietary needs,” said Greg Dollarhyde, President/CEO of Baja Fresh. “It’s our job to offer dishes that are nutritionally relevant and flavorful, and to provide information about the protein, fat, calorie and fiber content so that customers can make an informed choice about what they are eating.”