Fast casual BBQ restaurant, Bar-B-Cutie has been experiencing record numbers in their weekend breakfast and lunch service. What has been contributing to this sudden surge in business?


“Many factors are prompting the increase in numbers," estimates Christie McFarland, Bar-B-Cutie franchise systems’ director of marketing. The overall restaurant industry is increasing its dominance. The National Restaurant Association forecasted a 2013 increase stating, “Restaurant and foodservice sales are expected to reach a record high of $660.5 billion this year. The sales projection represents a 3.8 percent increase from 2012 in current dollars. Adjusted for inflation, the figure represents a 0.8 percent increase.”


Nashville is becoming a “hub for good food”. The Nashville Business Journal opened our eyes to just how true that statement is when they wrote on January 3, 2013, “Nashville is one of the top five cities in the world to see in 2013, according to Conde Nast Traveler magazine's The Daily Traveler blog. As the blurb on Nashville begins, "The new Nashville offers two things worth traveling for: a hot, trendy new food scene and its famous, funky music scene."


Bar-B-Cutie has been increasing their presence on social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and You Tube. “We are also extremely attentive to online Trip Advisor and Yelp reviews (making sure to always respond to each and every review),” comments Eve Freeman, compliance officer for Bar-B-Cutie Franchise Systems.


“Overall, Bar-B-Cutie’s rich history (over 60 years in business), their passion for customers (striving to always listen to customers’ suggestions),the best quality in food, superior customer service and atmosphere and all at a reasonable price is why people keep coming back,” states Ronnie McFarland, Bar-B-Cutie Drive-In president.

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