Bar-B-Cutie is launching a three month promotional campaign called “Cutie Summer Pass.” The campaign, which began June 2, is designed to emphasize Bar-B-Cutie’s good food, value, and fun.

June focuses on a “Cutie Summer Pass” that customers can purchase for $5. The pass enables them to receive 10 percent off each future purchase through September 1. June boasts a new dining option, sweet honey baby back ribs. This dish features a sauce blend of Bar-B-Cutie’s original sweet sauce and all natural honey smothered over grilled baby-back ribs. July brings back an old favorite, the Memphis-style pulled pork barbeque sandwich with cole slaw. This sandwich will include pulled barbeque pork piled high on a toasted bun with a pickle and a scoop of fresh cole slaw smothered with barbeque sauce. August’s special menu item has yet to be released.

“Caught with the Cutie” is the final item on the marketing menu. To be “Caught with the Cutie,” a customer must simply request that a photo be taken of him or her while dining at a Bar-B-Cutie. A Cutie girl is inserted into the photo and emailed back to the customer within one to two weeks.

“Caught with the Cutie” and “Cutie Summer Pass” will stay constant throughout the campaign while new menu items will be showcased each month.

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