Barberitos Adds Nutritional Calculator to Website

    Industry News | June 6, 2012

    Barberitos launched its 2012 Healthy Campaign this January systemwide to promote weight loss and wellness. The campaign was kicked off by featuring a loyal customer, Jay Lowe, who lost 70 pounds eating Barberitos eight times a week.

    Barberitos also added an alternative healthy menu in stores and added more nutritional information to the website. To take the campaign a step further, Barberitos recently added a new nutritional calculator to the website.

    To show that Barberitos and a healthy lifestyle can be possible, Barberitos wanted to offer all of the tools and resources possible to customers to allow them to make smart decisions and be informed of what they are eating.

    “The hope is that health-conscious customers, who want to create their own meals and remain healthy, will be able to do so by playing with the nutritional calculator,” says CEO and founder, Downing Barber. “We offer fresh, quick, and affordable food and want customers to feel that they have all of the information needed to select and create their desired meal, whether they are eating healthy, watching their cholesterol or sodium intake, among other things.”

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