Barberitos Brings Fresh and Healthy to the Tex-Mex Scene

    Industry News | July 22, 2013

    Tex-Mex food is not known for being a healthy type of cuisine. In fact, when most think of Tex-Mex quick-serve, they think of saucy, cheesy, high calorie meals. Barberitos Southwestern Grille & Cantina wants to change that perception.


    Barberitos is doing many things in order to help their customers be healthy. The “Healthy Menu” provides customers with seven different options with less than seven grams of fat. This has inspired some of our customers to change their eating habits. Barberitos recently hosted a “Get Fit and Healthy Challenge” where customers ate off the Barberitos Healthy Menu a few times a week. This, along with regular exercise helped quite a few customers slim down and get fit! In addition to the “Healthy Challenge” program, Barberitos has a nutritional calculator on their website where customers can build their own custom burrito with all of the nutritional information available.


    Barberitos is a fast-causal Tex-Mex concept based out of college town, Athens, Georgia. It currently has 33 locations with more than a dozen under contract to build new locations. Barberitos ingredients are all fresh, delivered daily, and locally grown.


    Downing Barber, founder and CEO of Barberitos, says that creating food with fresh, high quality ingredients is what he wanted to do from the get-go. “There’s something satisfying about knowing that what you’re eating is created with fresh produce from a local vendor. Truly fresh food is better for your body, inside and out.” The brand’s ingredients are all natural and as fresh as can be, and it’s all prepared in front of you and made to order.


    Barberitos knows that the quality of its ingredients is what separates it from competitors. Barber claims, “We have a very loyal customer base, and the consistently fresh ingredients keep them coming back for more.”


    Barberitos is a quick service restaurant offering fresh, made in-house food that is customized and made to order. Burritos, tacos, salads, quesadillas, and nachos are their specialties.


    Committed to serving “farm fresh” food, Barberitos serves all natural vegetables delivered to stores and hand-cut daily. Whole breasts of chicken are grilled fresh, as is the high quality cuts of steak, and choice ground beef. Barberitos restaurants are not equipped with microwaves, as all food is prepared fresh. Barberitos’ salsas, guacamole, hot sauces, meat marinades, salad dressings, rice, beans, char grilled meats, chips, and dips are made from scratch each day.


    Each menu offering is prepared at the time it is ordered right in front of the customer. Barberitos “7 Under 7” menu features seven items each under seven grams of fat including a mini grilled chicken burrito, jerk fish taco, and a variety of salads.


    Barberitos provides full-service catering ranging from burrito boxed lunches to taco, salad, nacho, or fajita bar that can be customized to serve a few to several hundred people.

    Barberitos has 48 signed restaurant locations, 33 of which are open for business in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.

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