Barberitos, a fast-casual Southwestern Grille and Cantina with 50 locations across the Southeast, has expanded its menu to include slow-cooked pulled pork. This popular limited-time protein option is making a return engagement on the menu. Additional limited-time menu offers include ghost pepper tortillas and avocado ranch dressing.

“Our customers crave the pulled pork and have been requesting it ever since its initial limited-time offer,” says Barberitos founder and CEO Downing Barber. “As we approach Barberitos’ 20th anniversary, we are excited to introduce additional items – ghost pepper tortillas and avocado ranch dressing – to keep the menu fresh.”

Barberitos’ pulled pork recipe involves rubbing the meat with a secret combination of seven spices before cooking it slowly at a low temperature. The result is tender, flavorful meat that serves as an ideal topping on Barberitos’ burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, salads and nachos.

The ghost pepper tortillas will add a kick to any burrito or taco, and the new avocado ranch dressing is a tasty topping to all of Barberitos’ offerings.

Barberitos is a Southwestern Grille dedicated to serving farm-fresh, high-quality food in a fast-casual restaurant environment. In addition to the pulled pork, many of the restaurants’ menu items are prepared or cooked in-house daily, including hand-smashed guacamole, home-made salsas, fresh-cut vegetables as well as chicken, steak, turkey, tofu, rice and beans.

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