Family Fun Magazine recently announced the winners of its 2000 Toy of the Year (TOY) Awards. Ranking high among the winners was the Baskin-Robbins’ Ice Cream Bar Factory, which captured the number 4 spot in the overall top 10 and was voted the number one toy in the arts & crafts category for kids ages five to seven.

Wham-O toys, makers of Hula Hoops, Slip and Slide and Big Wheels, have worked with Baskin Robbins, the national chain of ice cream stores, to produce two toys for kids. Reminiscent of Easy Bake ovens, the toys are popular, and now award-winning. Although the homeade variety may not taste as good as store-bought, Family Fun’s review of the Ice Cream Bar Factory, priced at $30, says “Éthe results are pretty good…our bars disappeared so quickly we were glad to have an extra supply of mixes on hand.”

Ice Cream Bar Factory allows children to prepare edible ice cream in a matter of ten minutes, using only half-and-half (not included), mix, and the toy itself. It comes with two flavors of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream? Silly Vanilli and Chewy Bubble Gum, two mix-in candy treats, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles, a cookie crumbler, four tasting spoons, four Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cups, and four recipe cards. Kids can purchase refills or additional flavors of the ice cream mix in Silly Vanilli, Berry Licious, Chipload of Chocolate, and Chewy Bubble Gum.

In addition, Baskin Robbins has licensed a kid-sized “Smoothie Swirler,” a small blender that comes with three shake mixes and refillsÑVanilla Bean, Snazzy Strawberry, and Bobana Banana. It also comes with one chocolate syrup packet to mix into shakes. There are six recipe cards so kids can try combinations of flavors. This “safe and easy to use” toy is recommended for kids ages eight and older.

Other honored toys include “Slithering Jake the RC Snake,” “Little People Discovery City,” and “Play-Doh Dr. Drill ‘N FIll Playset.”

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