Industry News | March 20, 2013

Baskin-Robbins Welcomes Spring with New Chick Cake

Spring has arrived at Baskin-Robbins as the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops announces the newest addition to its innovative selection of ice cream cakes – the Chick Cake. Also available this spring is the Chick Individual Treat, which is the perfect single serving partner to accompany Baskin-Robbins’ new Chick Cake.

“At Baskin-Robbins, we’re always looking for delicious and festive ways to celebrate different seasons throughout the year with our guests,” says Stan Frankenthaler, Baskin-Robbins executive chef and VP of innovation at Dunkin’ Brands. “This spring, we wanted to create a memorable cake that really brought the season to life with bright colors and a whimsical design. The Chick Cake will not only delight ice cream lovers, but will also effortlessly serve as an impressive centerpiece that will brighten any table.”
To help celebrate spring, Baskin-Robbins has partnered with popular craft blogger, Laurie Turk, to share fun and helpful tips for creating the perfect tablescape featuring the Chick Cake this season.
“I love entertaining and I’m always looking for new ways to surprise my guests with creative and thoughtful touches for a party setting,” says Turk. “The Baskin-Robbins Chick Cake is so adorable, it’s a centerpiece on its own, and lends itself well to decorative complements that, taken together, create a fun tablescape that really celebrates the season of spring.”
Here are Laurie’s tips for a “do-it-yourself” tablescape for the Baskin-Robbins Chick Cake:
·Start at the bottom. Decorate from the bottom upward - table cloth, place mat, plate, etc. It's important to have a solid foundation from which to build off. Consider using wrapping paper instead of a plastic table cloth. You still have the benefit of a clean and more sophisticated look, with all of the fun patterns and colors to choose from.
·Add comfort. Objects that grow naturally bring warmth and a comforting feeling to your guests, so be sure to add plants and flowers to your table. This also applies to fabrics and ribbon (such as those made from cotton).
·Layer. Create an eye-catching table by adding dimension and layers to your decor. Instead of putting the napkin on the side of the plate, place it on top with a ribbon for a pop of color. Resist the urge to place things in rows and try putting them on top of each other instead.
·Mix patterns. There are two different types of patterns: organic and geometric. Geometric patterns show straight lines, circles, triangles, rectangles, and polygons. Organic patterns are shapes we find in nature like leaves, flowers, or waves. The key to mixing patterns is to use one organic and one geometric pattern. Mixing two or more of the same type of pattern becomes messy and makes it hard for the eye to focus.
·Keep it simple. When planning any tablescape, stick with two or three colors. Many times adding a fourth color can quickly take decor from chic to cheap.

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