bb.q Chicken, Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken, recently hosted its Chimaek Day event at its LA K-town location. The event took place on June 12 at 3450 W 6th St. #102 in Los Angeles, featuring a Chicken Café that serves beer alongside the entire menu, from chicken to other K-food classics.

Chimaek, the beloved pairing of chicken and beer in K-food culture, was the highlight of the event on June 12. 

To celebrate the exciting occasion, esteemed guests and community members were invited to attend the ceremony, starting with chicken sampling and “somaek” tasting to immerse guests in the popular Korean drinking culture. The event also included raffle and other celebratory activities that concluded the evening.

Bb.q, pronounced as bee-bee-que, stands for Best of the Best Quality, a principle upheld at every restaurant location across the world. Bb.q Chicken shares only the best flavors and uses the best ingredients for its signature item, Korean fried chicken, as well as other K-Food items, such as ddeok bokki and kimchi fried rice.

What sets bb.q apart as a premier Korean fried chicken restaurant is its dedication to quality and consistency. Using a unique frying method at a lower temperature results in a product that is lighter, crispier, and more flavorful than traditional American fried chicken. The special touch comes from each team member individually coating and tossing signature sauces on every piece of chicken, ensuring a perfect amount of crispy texture and bold flavor in each bite.

bb.q Chicken LA K-town operates from Monday to Sunday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

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