bb.q ChickenKorea’s Finest Fried Chicken, announced the grand opening of its eighth New York City location on Thursday, Nov. 30, as part of the global Korean fried chicken franchise’s rapid growth in the U.S., amidst the continued rise in American interest in Korean cuisine and culture. 

The new restaurant is located at 35-21 30th Ave. in Astoria, strategically positioned in a neighborhood known to house many international cuisines. The location features a Chicken and Beer concept with a full bar, as well as rapid takeout and delivery. By the end of first half of 2024, bb.q Chicken will operate in 31 U.S. states, due to upcoming openings in five new states: Arkansas, Idaho, Nebraska, South Carolina and Utah. 

Bb.q, pronounced as bee-bee-que, stands for Best of the Best Quality, a principle upheld at every restaurant location across the world. Bb.q Chicken shares only the best flavors and uses the best ingredients for its signature item, Korean fried chicken, as well as other K-Food items, such as ddeok bokki and kimchi fried rice. 

What sets bb.q apart as a premier Korean fried chicken restaurant is its dedication to quality and consistency. Using a unique frying method at a lower temperature results in a product that is lighter, crispier and more flavorful than traditional American fried chicken. The special touch comes from each team member individually coating and tossing signature sauces on every piece of chicken, ensuring a perfect amount of crispy texture and bold flavor in each bite.

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