bb.q Chicken, Korea’s Finest Fried Chicken, is testing two new menu items. Starting on February 14, bb.q Chicken locations in California and Colorado will serve Red Chak Chak and Black Pepper following huge success in Korea. If the test goes well, these menu items have a chance to expand nationwide.

Red Chak Chak and Black Pepper were first introduced last year in Korea and exploded in popularity, selling over 500,000 units during the first month. The two flavors rolled out to reach and capture the taste buds of Gen-Z and proved to be worthwhile as they became the hottest-selling item.

The new menu that fans can enjoy:
Red Chak Chak: Golden original, pronounced Chawk Chawk, is coated with red pepper powder and comes with a slightly spicy kick.
Black Pepper: Golden original with a strong punch of black peppers for extra heated action, best combo’d with a cold pitcher of beer.

bb.q Chicken is excited to be able to bring such tremendously popular flavors from Korea and share them here in the U.S.

“Our goal with importing these two menus is to introduce and diversify Korean flavor profiles,” says CEO Joseph Kim, “it is certain that the new golden original series will become the new ‘steady seller’ and dethrone the current signature menu, the Golden Original.”

These new flavors are currently only available on the west coast and Las Vegas locations and can be ordered in-person, third-party app, and through the website for pick-up and delivery.

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