Industry News | February 12, 2011

bd's Mongolian Grill Looks to Expand

bd’s Mongolian Grill, a create your own stir fry restaurant, announced plans to develop new locations across the U.S. Calling for several new locations throughout the Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast during the coming years, the strategic franchising plan aims to attract experienced restaurant operators who have deep roots in their regions. 

The growth strategy will significantly increase bd’s Mongolian Grill’s operations throughout each region. Currently, the brand’s restaurants operate in 13 states, with its most prominent presence in the Midwest. 

“As bd’s Mongolian Grill expands, it is carving out a new niche in the casual-dining segment. It’s a fresh approach to dining that restaurant operators can grab hold of now and grow it in their home markets,” says Tom Ragan, vice president of franchising for bd’s Mongolian Grill.

“There’s nothing else like it, and our innovative menu choices and energetic environment have the attention of the next generation of diners,” Ragan says. 

Currently, nine new bd’s Mongolian Grill restaurants nationwide are in the development phase, with several slated to open in 2011. Once complete, the anticipated bd’s Mongolian Grill franchise expansion will infuse many millions of dollars into local economies through investment dollars. Plus, the expected locations together will employ thousands of people.  

“We are proud to bring our distinctive and flavorful food -- choice meats and seafood, fresh vegetables, crisp salads, and flavor-packed sauces and spices prepared by expert grillers on a 600-degree, 7-foot grill -- to the new communities,” Ragan says. 

bd's is also offering existing restaurant and foodservice operators an incentive to franchise, receiving reduced franchise and royalty fees for any restaurants opened within the first year of their new Area Development Agreement.

 “We’ve become a preferred investment for multi-unit and multi-brand franchisees that want to diversify their portfolio,” Ragan says.  “While our recipe for success is deeply rooted in food quality and innovative store design, it is our proven operational processes and systems that make bd’s Mongolian Grill such an attractive franchise opportunity.” 


I want to express my Congratulations to Tim Hobart on his winning the Franchise Group of the Year Award! I also am a MSU Spartan (so I definitely love the Spartan Stir Fry name)!My husband and I love BD's Mongolian. It is our favorite restaurant. We eat there usually 2-3 times a year (we don't eat out much, but do on special occasions). We love the variety and being able to make our bowl the way that we want with the sauce how we want, too. We have fun there.I have had a few office luncheons there, too. Fun atmosphere!Keep up the great work/job!

We would like to have a store on the West Side of Indy, Avon perhaps. It is hard for us to drive 45 minutes to eat on the north side. Any chance of that happening soon?

It would be great to have a location in the Muncie Area (Indiana). Having Ball State close by as well as many business, the same old tiresome fast food places get old and boring rather quickly. With BD's, you can visit several times during the week and not have the same thing twice. Many great and central locations available in this area for easy access from anywhere in Muncie. BRING IT ON!!!

I'm from the Detroit area and have relocated down south. I would love to see a Mongo go in down here, as there is nothing that even comes close. I live near Greenville, SC, and I think a Mongo would do well either in Greenville, or in Clemson, SC, as it is a college town.

I second Greenville would be a great option for bd's!! If I had any restaurant experience at all I would jump at the chance of owning a wonderful franchise!!! There truly is nothing even close and Greenville needs to experience what BD's is all about. I'm just outside of Cinn visiting family and on the way to the mason location. I can't wait I haven't been to a bd's in nearly 4 years!!!! Do it right guys and gals!!!

Folks. I lived in Northeastern Ohio for 20 years with a 4 year stint in West Lafayette, IN before moving to Buffalo, NY 4 years ago. I frequented BD's in Coventry (Cleveland, OH) and Indianapolis MANY times. I even brought my fiancee to Ohio for a weekend with a specific stop at BD's (other stops included Swenson's, Chipotle, and Mr. Hero).I have been here for 4 years and have recently seen Chipotle and Papa Johns infiltrate Western New York. Now, it is time for BD's Mongolian BBQ.People in Buffalo LOVE their food. Wings, pizza, pierogi, sausage... you name it, we have it... except BD's, Sonic Drive-In and Waffle House.This is a NO BRAINER!!!!COME TO BUFFALO AND YOU WILL FILL THE HOUSE EVERY NIGHT!!!

Please bring BD's to Omaha, NE! It was one of my favorite restaurants when I lived in Michigan.

I am so sad that the Traverse City Mongolian is no longer there. When my daughter lived in Grand Rapids, we went often. I am unable to go except a few times a year now since it is a 2 hour drive to GR from my home. I LOVE your food as well as the fun atmosphere. I will definitely travel there for special occasions.

At one time, late 90's or 2000, there was a bd's in the Charlotte, NC area. We loved it while it was open(only a couple years). Now the only chance we get to "Mongo" is on trips back to Michigan. Please, someone, return bd's to the Charlotte area!

We moved from Michigan down to Charlotte, NC, and dearly miss BD's. We found out that the one her closed. How could that be? Please please please bring it back! There are lots of Michigan folks down here!

Let me add, as another Northerner (from Ohio), who relocated here out of the snow belt, Please come to Charlotte. One of the few things my family and I miss from Ohio is BD's.

Please come back to Orlando! We love your food and are very sad that there is no where to have Mongolian BBQ anywhere in Orlando! With such a high demand for ethnic style food with all the tourists, Orlando needs one badly!

I would like to see a Mongolian on the east side of Cincinnati, are there any plans for this area

Can you please bring one to Muskegon, MI? This will boom big there!! I am also sad to see the one in Traverse City close!! We have eaten there a few times.

Can you please bring one to Muskegon, MI? This will boom big there!! I am also sad to see the one in Traverse City close!! We have eaten there a few times.

We have NOTHING here in the South Jersey Shore area.....please look into our area!!! It would be a great moneymaker during tourist season and off season.

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