Beanstalk Data announced it will partner its CRM Marketing Master system with Charlotte-based up-and-comer NexTable, a SaaS reservation and table management platform for full service brands.

Already ranked No. 1 on Google search engines for B2C CRMs and described as a “game changer” by marketing professionals in the restaurant industry space, Beanstalk Data’s SaaS platform, CRM Marketing Master, allows brands to merge all their existing CRM software and silos of customer data into one user-friendly database where brands can segment, launch targeted campaigns, and analyze results in real time. 

Charlotte neighbor NexTable compliments the CRM Marketing Master platform with a rapidly growing and highly-touted SaaS reservation and table management system that can be operated from an iPad.  

Founded only in 2011 and designed in part by restaurateur Phong Luong, this intuitive OpenTable competitor is already booking brands thanks in part to its iPad flexibility. There is no need for a hostess to return to a PC.  The software ensures a better customer experience in terms of bookings and wait times, and equally ensures better marketing data for the brand because it systemically captures phone and/or email, as well as behavioral information such as frequency of visits, number in party, turnover times, birthday reservations, etc.

“NexTable custom-fits with our platform and the benefit to full-service restaurant brands is obvious: they will be able to trigger the most accurate, personal, targeted campaigns possible today, because they will be based on the finest data capture and segmentation platform available,” says Beanstalk Data CEO Scott Nowokunski. “A campaign directed at adult customers who routinely book for more than 5 people? Absolutely.  Anniversary and birthday coupons?  Definitely.  Targeting people who tend to eat faster? For the win. The list is endless, and those that have our partnered systems will profit.  We couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Phong and the people at NexTable.”

“Beanstalk is a user friendly platform which seamlessly manages the entire marketing aspect for a company across all critical channels utilizing an ‘intelligent’ application of CRM and customer engagement,” says NexTable CEO Phong Luong. “Effective and effortless for restaurant brands, the synergy between our products will deliver a very powerful B2C CRM/marketing platform tailor made for the industry. Participating restaurants will improve their bottom lines by significantly increasing both repeat customers and customer engagement, producing a measurable increase in the total value of a customer over a lifetime.”