Beef-A-Roo, a Midwest-based restaurant that offers fresh meals at an affordable price, announced the upcoming launch of its newest restaurant in Freeport, Illinois through its innovative modular container location concept. Located at The Meadows Shopping Center on 1810-1876 S. West Ave., the new Beef-A-Roo location will mark a significant advancement in the brand’s franchise expansion strategy.

Responsible for Beef-A-Roo’s franchise rollout and growth, NEXT Brands & Development, a family-owned strategic manager and growth accelerator of impactful food franchise brands, is leading the inventive approach to spearhead rapid franchise expansion by using low-cost shipping containers to help quickly open a complete, fully operating restaurant locations and cutting development time by half.

With the new cutting-edge location concept, the multi-brand franchise can strategically grow at a faster rate, and franchisees can purchase their new locations for an all-in price of $200,000 and reduce the labor needed to only three to four employees. With the strategic design, the service time is reduced to 3½ to 5 minutes and helps with the processing time of preparing and keeping every ingredient fresh for guests. 

“In today’s competitive market, securing real estate for restaurant spaces can be incredibly challenging,” says Austin Capoferi, the President of NEXT Brands. “The container model presents a game-changing solution, allowing franchisees to expand quickly while keeping construction costs low. By requiring smaller plots of land and offering the flexibility to use pad-ready sires in out parcels of big box stores, this approach not only accelerates growth exponentially but also streamlines operations, requiring a smaller staff footprint. Ultimately, it’s about leveraging these options to maximize territory coverage and elevate brand awareness effectively.”

The new Beef-A-Roo location in Freeport will offer the brand’s diverse menu of freshly prepared meals, ranging from classic roast beef sandwiches to signature burgers and wraps. Whether customers are looking for a quick meal on the go or a leisurely dining experience, the innovative carryout and drive-thru modular concept will cater to a wide range of preferences.

Spearheading the Freeport Beef-A-Roo franchise is V8 Ventures, a forward-thinking franchisee committed to driving innovation and growth within the Beef-A-Roo brand. In addition to the Freeport location, V8 Ventures is actively working on plans to introduce modular Beef-A-Roo restaurants to Wisconsin, further expanding the brand’s footprint across the Midwest.

As Beef-a-Roo, under the leadership of NEXT Brands, continues its franchise expansion throughout 2024 and beyond, it remains focused on its mission to offer a memorable dining experience that goes beyond just delicious food. At Beef-a-Roo, it’s about building communities, one burger at a time.

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