Beef-A-Roo, a 55-year-old, Midwest fast-casual restaurant brand, built a proven business model and a loyal following by serving famously delicious, handmade meals at affordable prices, and by understanding how different generations have discovered and patronized its restaurants over five decades. Catching notice of its longevity in the marketplace and seeing its potential to grow outside of its Rockford, IL roots, NEXT Brands and Development, a strategic manager and growth accelerator of franchise brands, acquired the franchising rights to Beef-A-Roo in 2021.

NEXT Brands and Development’s experienced restaurant leadership enhanced the brand’s operational efficiencies, optimized restaurant build-outs, and added more multi-channel experiences to connect with franchisees, customers and communities to ready the restaurant chain for franchising. Now primed for franchise expansion, while still leveraging its five decades of proven restaurant success, Beef-A-Roo plans to grow from an 8-unit regional chain to reach 50 units in markets across the Midwest and Southeast in the next 3-5 years.

Founded in 1967, Beef-A-Roo began with a wild west theme, hence the name, has remained anchored by a company culture respectful of innovation, farm-fresh quality, consistency, and exceptional service, and dedicated to serving a fresh, authentic menu in a creative and service-oriented restaurant environment. While Beef-A-Roo is known for its freshly cooked, slow roasted beef sandwiches and signature fries with its own Beef-A-Roo seasoned salt, the menu also features juicy burgers and chicken sandwiches, famous cheddar fries and onion rings, milkshakes, signature salads, healthy wraps, gluten free and vegetarian menu options. As a perfect destination for anyone who appreciates delicious, home style cooking, the restaurant’s made to order menu is prepared fresh – roast beef is steamed to order, 100 percent natural beef hamburgers are cooked to order, and veggies for are chopped fresh every morning.

“Over five decades, Beef-A-Roo built a traditional restaurant in a fast-casual setting perfect for the modern consumer, making the brand a fit for most Midwestern and Southeastern markets,” says Austin Capoferi, President of Beef-A-Roo Franchising and NEXT Brands and Development. “To kick-start the franchising process and take away some stress associated with opening a restaurant, Beef-A-Roo plans to get a few locations up and running and then franchise them out so new franchisees – effectively, letting them get into restaurant ownership much quicker with just having to learn the business model and create brand awareness in their area.”

Beef-A-Roo’s franchising efforts also include a newly developed and innovative container model restaurant, unique to the fast-casual space, that can be shipped directly, be ready to operate, and require half of normal staffing requirements, resulting in the ability to open and be operating in less time than traditional brick and mortar. Capable of exceptional revenue through dine-in, drive-through, delivery, take away, and catering sales channels, Beef-A-Roo will open its first container restaurant in Rose City, MI later this year.

“While the standard restaurant is still the core build-out, this container model offers lower overhead, a quicker opening timeline and flexibility to give franchisees another option at different investment level and timeframe,” says Capoferi. “We carefully engineered this opportunity that’s capable of exceptional revenue through dine-in, drive-through, delivery, take away, and catering sales channels, and we expect this offering to create a lot of excitement and interest in the brand.”              

For existing and aspiring business owners, the initial investment requirement for a 3,500 to 5,500 sq. ft. standard Beef-A-Roo restaurant model ranges from $625,700 – $1,361,000. Multi-unit franchise development is preferred (not required) for primary and secondary markets, while single unit franchise development is a consideration for smaller thriving markets in North America.

“We’re committed to growing with experienced restaurant groups who have a familiarity with their region,” says Megan Rosen, Chief Development Officer for Beef-A-Roo Franchising and NEXT Brands and Development. “We seek franchisees who want to join us and make their mark, and are philosophically aligned with our culture and passion for providing the highest quality consumer experience at an affordable price.”

New franchisees work directly with Beef-A-Roo Franchising leadership, location development team and trainers to effectively operate a highly efficient restaurant through a turnkey program with premium franchisee profit-centric systems. Additional Beef-A-Roo corporate support includes a comprehensive 3-week initial training program, site selection and lease negotiation, construction management, purchasing and procurement, menu research and development, ongoing business and employee training, traditional and digital marketing initiatives, plus other benefits to help manage all aspects of the restaurant.

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