Ben & Jerry’s launched a new addition to its line of Fair Trade flavors from its Vermont headquarters yesterday, along with a contest that stretches across the globe.

Ben & Jerry’s is asking its fans to create the company’s next Fair Trade flavor in the “Do The World A Flavor” contest.

“Our commitment to Fair Trade just got an upgrade,” says Chief Euphoria Officer Walt Freese.

“Chocolate Macadamia is a flavor-on-a-mission to raise awareness and demonstrate that companies can help promote economic justice for all when they buy Fair Trade ingredients for their products that certify that the growers and suppliers of the ingredients in their products are being fairly compensated for their labor. This is another proud step forward in our values-led sourcing program.”

Chocolate Macadamia won’t be the newest Fair Trade flavor for long. Fans can enter their own funky flavor ideas using the ‘flavor generator’ on the company’s Web site until the contest ends on May 26, 2009. The expectations are high.

During the company’s last national flavor contest, more than 14,000 suggestions were submitted in the first two weeks alone, with 40,000 entries submitted in total. At the close of the global contest in June a lucky winner from each of the seventeen participating countries selling Ben & Jerry’s will be chosen to win a trip to the company’s Fair Trade cocoa cooperative in the Dominican Republic.

On the trip, the grand prize winner and the winning flavor will be announced, and then appear on shelves as pints and in Scoop Shops in March 2010.

Every year Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Gurus hit the road on their annual Dessert Tour in hot pursuit of the tastiest flavors around. Literally thousands of desserts are swirled and savored.

As Head Flavor Guru and creator of Ben & Jerry’s classics like Phish Food and Wavy Gravy, Arnold Carbone says “Literally eating dozens of desserts a day is a challenge, but we’re willing to make this grand sacrifice for the perfect new flavor.”

It’s not just top taste the gurus are searching for. They’re just as committed to ensuring the farmers behind the ingredients get a fair price for their harvest. Through Fair Trade, growers are better able to support their families, reinvest in their land, and improve their communities. It’s a tasty win-win that has helped to improve the lives of thousands of people around the world.

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