Industry News | May 24, 2013

Ben & Jerry's "ReinCONEates" Fan Favorite

What is the proper grieving period for a dearly departed... ice cream flavor? Regardless, for Ben & Jerry's fans who have counted White Russian as one of their favorite Ben & Jerry's flavors, the time for mourning is over! After years of dealing with the loss, laying flowers at the flavor’s headstone at the Ben & Jerry’s flavor graveyard, and writing to the company asking for the flavor to come back, the fan-favorite White Russian is being reinCONEated! Fans can celebrate by stopping by their local scoop shop across the country to taste the sweet surprise.

White Russian, a smooth and intense coffee liqueur ice cream, was available in pints and in scoop shops from 1986 through 1996 before being laid to rest peacefully in the flavor graveyard, after trailing other flavors in popularity. “We get emails every day from fans asking us to bring back their favorite flavors, and White Russian, by far, is one of the most popular ones,” says Dave Stever, chief marketing officer at Ben & Jerry’s.


The resurrection announcement was made at the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, Vermont, by Elizabeth “Betsy” Mraz, one of the many fans who asked Ben & Jerry’s to bring back White Russian. Mraz was chosen because of her passion for the flavor. She and her father were flown in from Chicago to Waterbury for the special event and to share the exciting news with Ben & Jerry’s fans around the country.


“When I found out I was a finalist I was totally stoked,” Mraz says. “And today it was awesome finally having the White Russian ice cream I’ve been thinking about for a year and a half!”  

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