To celebrate National Pretzel Day on April 26th, from 1 pm through 7 pm,  Ben’s Soft Pretzels will give away free pretzels (one per person) with a minimum of $1 donation to the Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation. In addition, new this year the Amish-inspired Pretzel Bakery poses the question what would you do with pretzels for a year! Ben’s Soft Pretzels is searching for the most creative instagram posts with the hashtag #WorldPretzelDomination2023 that enters by April 27th, 2023  at 12 am Eastern. Five lucky winners will receive Ben’s Soft Pretzels for a year (52 in total.) 

National Pretzel Day is not only a major holiday here at Ben’s Soft Pretzels but an opportunity to make an impact in a major way supporting nonprofits that help our country’s heroes- military members, veterans and first responders. We are proud to have raised more than $500,000+ in the past 15 years and hope to continue to increase that donation,” says Brian Krider, COO, and co-founder of Ben’s Soft Pretzels. “We hope with the #WorldPretzelDomination2023 Instagram contest, we will continue to increase awareness of our mission to support the Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation but also achieve actual world pretzel domination!”

In fact, 95 percent of the donations collected for the Tunnel 2 Towers Foundation on National Pretzel Day will go toward building new homes for military and first responders and their families that have had catastrophic injuries or have given their lives to protect our country.  In total, Ben’s Soft Pretzels has raised more than $500,000+ for veterans and first responders in the last 15 years.  All stores that are open will participate in this amazing opportunity to raise funds for all who have given so much.

With the minimum one-dollar donation, visitors will receive a Jumbo Soft Pretzel to celebrate National Pretzel Day and support those who have served their country. Ben’s Soft Pretzels also gave away free pretzels to those who have served in the Armed Forces on Veteran’s Day to show its support for the men and women who fearlessly defend our country.  

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