Industry News | March 4, 2013

Betco Announces Dedication to Staying Green

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Betco Corporation is committed to being environmentally responsible by developing products, programs, and procedures that meet or exceed health and environmental standards while providing cost effective benefits and using recycled materials.

Since 1990, Betco has shown its environmental leadership through use of the Green Earth brand of products; packaged in recyclable containers and delivered through chemical management systems. We have expanded our green leadership position by introducing a complete green solution - including green equipment, floor care, cleaners, skin care products, and training resources.
As part of Betco staying Green, Betco is also dedicated to recycling. Recycling programs provide significant environmental benefits. Recycling reduces the amount of solid waste and lessens the burden on solid waste disposal sites, such as landfills and incinerators. Since 2012, Betco has recycled:
- 871 plastic drums
- 329 steel drums
- 288 fiber drums
- 83,342 lbs. cardboard, paper
- 12,540 lbs. film
- 7,750 lbs. bottles, buckets
- 214 IBC totes
- 1,521 GMA pallets
- 487 odd pallets
Betco Corporation is dedicated to set new standards in Innovative Cleaning Technology. Betco engineers innovative cleaning programs, products, and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally.  Betco products serve numerous markets and industries including building services, education, healthcare, food service, and retail.

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