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    Betco Announces New Stealth MicroRider Scrubber

  • Industry News September 4, 2013

    Built on one of the smallest platforms ever for a riding scrubber, the new Betco Stealth MicroRider Scrubber delivers maximum productivity and innovative conservation technology to reduce cleaning costs by up to 36 percent. With a drive speed just under four miles per hour, the machine increases productivity, reduces labor requirements, and lowers wear and maintenance expenses by cleaning 30,000 square feet per hour.


    The Stealth MicroRider Scrubber includes a new ECO-Mode feature that allows the machine to operate at only 54 decibels, making it one of the quietest automatic scrubbers ever produced. The push button ECO-Mode control also allows the operator to extend run time by lowering energy consumption of the brush motor and vacuum motor.