Betco Corporation is pleased to announce the newest addition to its BioActive Solutions product line: AC and DC Drain Stations.

These drain stations complement the use of BioActive Solutions Drain and Grease Trap Treatment (#265) and BioActive Solutions PUSH (#133).

Similar to Betco's chemical management systems (FASTDRAW), these drain stations help end users control the costs associated with drain maintenance.

These new drain stations replace the existing drain station and give today's end users a choice of AC operation or DC operation at a more cost-effective price point.

They are ideal for foodservice, education, and long-term care, or anywhere there is a drain requiring maintenance.

By listening to today's operators and end users, the Betco Corporation sets another new standard in “Cleaning Innovations That Matter”.

Betco engineers cleaning programs, products, and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally. Betco products serve numerous markets and industries, including building services, education, healthcare, foodservice, and retail.