Industry News | June 28, 2013

Betco's New Glossy Finish Makes Floors Shine

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Betco Corporation is pleased to announce another product with Insulator Static Dissipative Floor Finish. Insulator Static Dissipative Floor Finish utilizes an extensively researched and tested “Dissipative Polymer Technology” that is designed for conductive and static dissipative floor care programs. This low maintenance, high gloss floor finish has been certified through an independent laboratory to meet the requirements of ASTM F150 for static control flooring, Mil-STD-3010B for electrostatic decay, and ANSI/ESD STM97.2 for voltage in combination with a person through a floor system. Insulator is ideal for facilities that house high tech electronics such as imaging equipment, computer electronics, diagnostic equipment, and robotics in the healthcare and electronics manufacturing industries.


Betco engineers cleaning programs, products, and equipment sold through distribution partners internationally. Betco products serve numerous markets and industries including building services, education, healthcare, food service, and retail.

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